Setting up your own Zombie Accounts – Instagram Marketing #3

In my last post, I talked about zombie accounts. In other words fan pages who are following accounts in our niche. We use these to keep our own following numbers low and maximize the number of daily actions. Per account is a maximum number set as a limit, which will never be reached as a normal user. A bot does, however, achieve this. That’s why we double our reach with two bots, quadruple it with four bots, and so on.
For that, we have to set up the zombies.

  1. Where to find aged Accounts – preventing a direct ban
  2. Creating logos – Logojoy and UCraft
  3. Description – no direct link to your main
  4. Posts – quantity and links


1. Where to find aged Accounts – preventing a direct ban

So what is an aged account? It’s just an account which was registered in the past. If you create an Account today and start 24/7 botting on it, you will get a ban pretty soon. If you follow a few simple rules instead, you’ll benefit from your account for a long time.  Instagram uses various parameters to find out if an account is acting strangely or otherwise than the normal user would. What our accounts will definitely become. That’s why we have to protect them as best we can. One of the parameters is the creation date.

There is no direct proof that a one month older account gets banned less. But if a newly created account only posts existing posts, again and again, this looks very obvious for users and algorithm.

Buy them

First, there is no direct big marketplace for that. It’s against the law of Instagram and if they get too big, they have to go underground to not get shut down. Googleing “aged Instagram accounts” is the best way here. Here are a few things you should have an eye on:

  • is there a posting history, if yes it is more valuable because it looks like the user reusing Instagram.
  • is the registered mail address a valid one like Gmail or a spam address like
  • will you get access to the mail address for password reset or reconfirmation?
  • the older the better
  • which IP-Adress is used for creating. Is it the same location as your Proxy or Server IP?
  • is it a Phone verified Account (PVA)? If so it’s definitely more secure.
  • 1,25€ for a PVA, email access Account which is one year old is a good deal

Create them

If you create a bunch of accounts, make sure that these cannot be associated with your main account. Use proxies, an extra server for a few Euros a month or a VPN. Just to avoid sharing IP addresses with bot and main.

For this, you can use services like HideMyAss, because they have many IP Addresses that disguise your real ones. In addition, thousands of others who are concerned about their IP are using these VPNs (virtual private network) and it is impossible to trace back to yourself. It’s completely legal and could be used by any user who doesn’t want their IP to be written everywhere. I myself use this service to not leave any information about my person everywhere.

Naming: A general good way is to take a bunch of words of your niche and throw them together with an adjective. In my case it is:

  • pole art
  • exercise
  • inspiration
  • sports
  • pole dance
  • work out
  • tricks
  • combos
  • passion
  • wild
  • bright
  • polerina
  • class

So I now can check if some combinations of that are available. Websites like Namecheckr do a great job if you want to create them not only on Instagram but on many social media places. Another way of checking is directly on the signup page of Instagram. In this picture, you see, that my first combination isn’t used, but the other one is.

You now can go on and create a list with available usernames, till you hit the amount you want to use as bot accounts. Through this naming, a reposting can be expected and it is not bad to find it there. If you are interested in this account, there is a good chance that you will also find it via the links to our account and also find it good, because it also has pole as a subject.

2. Creating Logos – Logojoy and UCraft

Accounts without a logo are a sign for an empty account, which nobody wants to follow or which is not used. Or worse: the algorithm puts it on the list of potential bot accounts when it starts to follow without having content itself.
To prevent this, and to give the Instagram algorithm no reason to block us right after a week, we will create logos and upload them. But no one has the time to create 20 different, new and attractive logos. At least I don’t have. That’s why I generate good looking logos via a KI System and use them as an inspiration for quick creation. These logos were generated within one hour. 100% free to use:

Logojoy – Ki System which helps you get ideas

This is a great website for generating Logos via a KI System. You can eighter buy their generated logos, or use them as an inspiration for creating your own. It’s pretty simple: Choose your title and subtitle. Choose some designs you like and some matching colors. Then maybe some Icons you prefer and click generate. The result is the picture above. Many different designs with your chosen colors. If you buy one of them, you have directly several by changing the color or icon.

I’ve chosen “Pole Dance” as a title, and “A fanpage” as a subtitle, because we are going to use them for our Fan Accounts. Playing around with some Icons and *magic*. You have plenty of logos for your accounts now.

UCraft – creating quick and in Browser royalty free pictures

This online tool is for creating royalty free pictures for your use. You can use Icons, Text, and shapes as you like or as your template from above uses it. Through this, you get very quick icons you can use online. Of course, an hour could be used on each image itself to make it perfect. But since our bots aren’t trying to look perfect themselves, but to push other accounts, this effort is rather counterproductive. If the bot itself generates more followers at the end than your main account, then you should modify it again.


3. Description – no direct link to your main

There are many rules out there for the perfect description or in short “bio”. This post summarises it quite good. But since we are not aiming at the perfect converting bio, but at our links inside the posts, there are some other things to consider here. If you are interested in how to set up a high-converting bio, check out my other post for that.

So how do we set it up? First of all, the bio is limited to 150 characters! We never link in here directly to our main account. Too obvious. We do this inside the posts. We talk about this later on. We have to answer a few questions, so the user knows what he’s finding here.

  1. What is this account?
  2. Why should people follow me?
  3. Why are you different?
  4. What are your credentials?
  5. What’s your general outlook on anything?

Or you can use some templates and modify them for your needs. In that way, you can create fast bios, with the message you want to deliver. Multiple uses of some records on different accounts are not forbidden. Just be careful not to use the same as in the main account and exchange some words. Otherwise it is too easy for Instagram itself and the user to connect and become suspicious.

  • ? Get inspired and motivated
  • ? What are the latest pole tricks
  • ? Follow if you are a pole addict / pole lover
  • ? Let’s be on this journey together
  • ? The pole world is full of great artists
  • ? What are the latest pole tricks
  • Follow for X, Y, and Z.

You also can play around with different emojis. Did you notice the duplicate directly at the top of the list?

4. Posts – quantity and links

As mentioned in my last post, these accounts will repost our own posts and these from others. Though that more users will see our pictures and find a way to our Main Account.

We have to make sure that we don’t just share only our own content over and over again because otherwise it can only be traced back to us directly. Therefore other contents of the same interest group should be found. The account gains in value and its posts stand for themselves as a fan account.

The key is to link to your main account inside the post and nowhere else. They now find the way to your main.


That’s it, happy Follow farming!

See here #4 of my Instagram posts: click