Instagram Consulting professionals best of – Instagram Marketing #4

A quick best of summary of two hours Instagram consulting lectures at the IBO fair in Friedrichshafen:

  • Use more story than feed: As we all know, Story is more engaging than posts, because it’s closer to the person. Even as a company, Employees in the story to show casts a good image to the outside world.
  • Young people as a target: As this chart shows, the most active Users are between 18 and 34 years old. Some companies target them directly as our pole course does. Other companies want to be visible for the younger generation to get new young employees.
  • Constant content: It was often mentioned how important it is to post content regularly and that the focus on 30% content and 70% story is a good mix. Every few days is enough. We also noticed that this week, when we hadn’t posted anything for a week, that there was more of unfollowing than usual.
  • The first 6 pictures the user sees are important: these are the first ones the user sees when he decides to click on your profile. do they follow a schema or are they just wildly uploaded out of an affect without consistently serving a specific theme?
  • “Swipe up to discover the new Taste”: Call to action inside the story for more attraction to your site. Channels like “edeka” and “unsereoebb” do a good job with this.
  • Same color and text everywhere:  Real companies always use the same color schemes and fonts to associate them with the brand. On Instagram, of course, this cycle must not be interrupted. “ah blue background with bright red -> that must be alpine”. Just a dominant color which identifies you as you!
    Also called Moodboard. What colors and emotions do you want to transport?
  • Story quality expectation is lower: SisersStretching does a good job here. She keeps her follower up to date about what’s happening without using a SLR camera. Simply quick with the mobile phone. Storytelling is her perfection.
  • Draw something and win: Some channels perform some challenges or contests with gifts for the winner. It involves the followers directly. One Account which was mentioned posted a picture of him and wrote down “Draw something and the funniest three ones will win a copy of my new book”.
  • Define a persona: Age, behavior, income etc. Know your target and your posts will they’ll respond better. If you don’t know whom to address, you don’t address anyone.
  • Plan your posting in advance based on the topics that will come in a few days. Both, Story and Feed. Example: your local flower shop will soon have strawberries on sale and you’ll be posting the 5 best tips on how to grow your own strawberries on Instagram now. This post can be planned ahead and scheduled.
  • Image formats: portrait, because most of the users use their mobile phones. In Story you can vote, use sliders or geotags. BellaFlora did surveys inside the story with “do you want more garden or decor?” to get an idea of the needs of the users.
  • Use no supersaturated, instead undersaturated: In one lecture, the photography guy talked about this. He said there was a trend towards it. Everyone has to decide for himself.
  • Image composition: Symmetry, the rule of third, straight lines, central perspective. Just to name a few.

Instagram as a community: Use community input, communicate in both directions, followers want to be involved. People share their ideas if you let them.