Little Post about selling techniques

The book “The psychology of selling” is really interesting when it comes to protecting yourself from sales tactics or using them yourself. In the following I will briefly summarize two areas worth mentioning:

Three points to show your product in a targeted way

First things first: The salesman must be aware of why he is selling something. For this, it is helpful to write out the five to ten most attractive features of the own product and to scale them according to importance. Then it helps to ask the following questions:

  • why should anyone buy my product at all?
  • why from our company?
  • why directly from me?

In the second step, it helps to understand the needs of the customers. Which ones are served by the product? What advantages does the product have from the customer’s point of view? What’s in it for your customer, rather than someone else’s product?

It is important to work out your attractive features and benefits for the customer. When you know these, you can create a table with left the features and on the right side the linked benefits. Important: What comes out for them! They/We don’t buy features, they/we buy benefits! they don’t buy products, they buy solutions for their problems.

Third and essential: What are you offering what no one else can. What is your unique selling point?

4 keys for a successful sale

  1. Specialization: What will the product do exactly for your customer. Which market and which benefits.
  2. Differentiate: Why are you better than your competition. What can you offer no one else can. Where are you better than 90% of the market.
  3. Segmentation: We don’t want to put energy into selling to anyone. What customer base is the target.
  4. Concentration: when you have found your customers. Don’t make the mistake in serving them all. One big whale that feeds you for a month is better than 100 little fishes.